This web site aims to present an overview of innovative museum outfittings in Italy.

The term "innovative" refers particularly  to all exhibition selections  that are testing  new communication  ways  with public,  adopting  suitable and easy  solutions to grant best accessibility.

This review begins from a research conducted, since September 2006, by the Centro Progetti Museali of the General Directorate for Antiquities (Direzione Generale per le Antichità) on archeological museums owned by the State and by local government entities.
Since April 2015, the site is managed by the General Directorate for Museums (Direzione Generale Musei); the review will be extended to other kinds of museums, in Italy and abroad.

Our purpose is to provide a reference tool for the professionals in museums and in related activities. We present a brief overview of achievements that, for their educational and communicative features, offer a good level of interaction with the public, ensuring, at the same time, the highest standards of accessibility.

All activities are conducted under the aegis of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Turism (Ministero dei Beni e Attività Culturali e del Turismo).

Milano Civico Museo Archeologico Roma Crypta Balbi Sanzeno Museo Retico Pratica di Mare Lavinium Roma Musei Capitolini Gall Lapid Museo Preistoria Tuscia Museo Centrale Montemartini Paestum Museo narrante Tuscania Siena S Maria della Scala S Marinella Roma Capitolini Esedra Montebelluna Storie della prima Parma